• Print Campaign: Darr Equipment Company

    A radical departure from traditional heavy-equipment advertising. The client trusted in the power of this concept, which resulted in an unprecedented surge of sales. Darr scrambled to obtain new inventory in order to keep up with the demand.

    concept, design, copy, photo art direction   for The Wittmann Group

  • Outdoor Campaign: Herbalife weight loss programs

    Long before “The Biggest Loser” sensation, there was this sensational campaign for Herbalife’s weight loss programs.

    concept, design, copy, tagline: Use it to lose it.

  • Product Launch Campaign: Prelox Blue (similar to Viagra)

    Sales flyers designed for the Distributor to add contact info on the bottom.

    concept, design, copy, photo art direction, tagline: Elevate your sexuality

  • Event Identity + Promo: Americana Music Series

    Posters and flyers promoting live concerts

    concept, design

  • Ad Campaign: Obagi Medical

    A light-hearted concept to address serious skin concerns.

    concept, design, copy, tagline: Proven. Medical. Results.  for My Outside Agency

  • Print Ads: Revo Global, Inc.

    Wellness products targeting women

    concept, design, headline copy (and package design)  for My Outside Agency

  • Annual Report: Herbalife Family Foundation

    concept, design  for My Outside Agency

  • Annual Report: Herbalife Family Foundation

    concept, design, cover + inside intro headers  for My Outside Agency

  • Sales Support Collateral: Visalus

    Weight-loss and wellness products

    concept, design

    for My Outside Agency

  • Poster concept: World AIDS Day

    11 x 17 poster promoting AIDS awareness – with glow-in-the-dark eyes.

    concept, design, copy, tagline: Be aware. Be very aware.

  • Direct Mail Campaign: Fayces Skin Therapeutics

    Postcards designed to attract new customers as well as appeal to existing clients.

    concept, design, copy, tagline: You. Improved.

  • Sales Support Campaign: Herbalife weight loss products

    Sales flyers using real Distributors’ success stories.

    concept, design, copy, tagline: Simple. Healthy. Living.

  • Newsletter: Fayces Skin Therapeutics


  • Newsletter: Prison Pet Partnership

    Operating from a women’s prison, PPP rescues shelter dogs and trains them to become service dogs for people in need. Inmates are hired and taught animal care and training skills that they can then use to get a fresh start upon release.

    concept, design, PPP logo

  • Brochure: Dr. Martin Bae

    Concierge Medical Services

    for My Outside Agency

  • Product Launch Campaign: Prelox Blue (similar to Viagra)

    Point-of-sale posters

    concept, design, copy, tagline: Elevate your sexuality